Read and complete with the missing words.

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

A - all 1. addresses have the @ symbol.

C - you click with the 2. to make your computer do something.

F - you can keep a list of your favourite 3. (called favourites) on your computer.

H - you can use 4. to add humour to your email messages. For example:
:-) = amused | :-( = sad | :-)) = very happy | :-O = surprised

I - you can use the Internet for instant messaging. You send a message and you receive a
5. immediately. It’s like a written conversation.

J - you sometimes receive emails that you didn’t ask for and didn’t want.
This is junk mail or 6..

L - a link connects one web page to another.
It’s usually a word or phrase in blue and 7..

P - you can download a podcast (a radio programme or a video) from
the Internet and play it on your 8. (mp3 player).

S - you surf the Internet to find 9..

W - a webcam is a 10. connected to a computer.